Add a Dog Food Supplement to Ensure Healthy Dogs

Adding a dog food supplement to your dog's diet can help ensure that he gets the vitamins and minerals that he needs. But don't just give your dog a dog food supplement without doing the proper research. Factors that can influence your dog's supplement needs include age, breed, and level of activity.

What is a Dog Food Supplement?

A dog food supplement is simply a little something extra that improves your dog's diet. Dog food supplements often come in the form of vitamins but can also include items such as salmon oil. Dog food supplements can help your dog live longer, give him more energy, improve his appearance, and help him recover from specific ailments.

Does My Dog Need a Dog Food Supplement?

Your dog's supplement needs may vary widely based on breed, size, health, age and many other factors. Most dogs require different nutrients at different stages of life. Puppies and older dogs are most likely to require dog food supplements. A a dog food supplement may also be recommended to help your dog recover from illness.

Dog food supplements such as glucosamine can be very effective in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis. Dog food supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids can keep your dog's skin healthy and make his coat shine. Vitamin dog food supplements ensure that your dog is getting the nutrients that his dog food may lack. Peppermint and spearmint oils can be used as dog food supplements to improve your dog's breath; just add a drop to your dog's water.

Choosing a Dog Food Supplement

There are a wide range of dog food supplements available on the market; if you're choosing a vitamin supplement, all-natural options are best. If your dog eats all-natural dog food, it's unlikely that he needs a further dog food supplement, as all-natural dog foods are more nutritionally balanced than most conventional foods. Remember, eating too many vitamins can harm your dog just as much as not eating enough!

If you are choosing a dog food supplement to ease symptoms of illness, first consult your vet for a proper diagnosis. Your vet can give you the best advice about the use of dog food supplements for the treatment of illness.

Administering a Dog Food Supplement

Many dog food supplements come in pill form. The easiest way to administer these is to wrap the pills in a piece of cheese or lunch meat, and then feed them to your dog. Other types of dog food supplements may be mixed with your dog's food or water.