Dog Food Supplements

Dog food supplements are given to enhance or support the nutrients your dog receives from his normal diet. They can also be used to replace a vital nutrient that your dog is not receiving from his normal diet. Some dog food supplements are especially made to cater to a specific condition occurring in your dog. There are a variety of supplements available to enhance or provide any additional nutrients that your dog requires.

When You Should Feed Dog Food Supplements

For the most part, your dog should receive most of the nutrition that he requires from his food. However, there are some situations which call for supplements to be added to your dog's diet.

If your dog becomes injured, such as a broken body part or has experienced some form of trauma, dog food supplements may be necessary as he is recovering. The recovery process puts the immune system into overdrive, and all of the functions of the immune drive are geared towards supporting the injury. However, this can be problematic for the rest of the body. By introducing a supplement which supports the immune system, you can help the immune system to continue supporting and protecting the rest of your dog’s body.

Senior dogs may also require some type of dog food supplement. The reason behind this is that your dog’s nutritional requirements change as he ages. Also, the aging process has a tendency to bring on joint stiffness and overall fatigue in your dog. This is where feeding supplements can be beneficial to your dog. By giving him a supplement that helps to relax the joints, encourages energy and supports the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue, many of the problems of older age can be compensated for.

Other conditions which may require the use of a dog food supplement include allergies, obesity and dental care.

Recommended Dog Food Supplements

Before you make the decision to put your dog on a supplement, you may want a little background information on what is available and what it can do for your dog. The supplements discussed here are some of the most commonly used supplements.

Antioxidant tabs are a strong support for the immune system. They are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin E and are considered crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that owners incorporate antioxidants into their dog's diet, either through normal feeding or supplementation. Antioxidants can be helpful if your dog is in the recovery process from an injury, or simply just to help prevent your dog's immune system from being weakened as his age progresses.

Pet-Tabs Vitamin Series are daily vitamins meant to support a healthy skin and coat for your dog. This is a great supplement to consider if your dog has skin allergies or his coat is sensitive to environmental conditions.

Cosequin® is a dog food supplement which is used to maintain the strength of the joints in your dog. This supplement is usually given in cases where hip dysplasia has been diagnosed or your dog is a breed that is likely to genetically develop hip dysplasia. It is also a popular supplement for breeds that are larger boned and tend to be carrying more weight around on their joints.