Looking for Dog Fractures After an Accident

After an accident, there are three key things to do when looking for a dog fracture.

Assess the Dog's Overall Condition

Before touching the dog determine the dog's overall condition. Take notice of whether or not the dog is conscious, limping or laboring to breath.

Look for Obvious Fractures

During this step look for a compound fracture. A compound fracture is when the bone breaks and tears through the skin. Simple breaks are not as noticeable and require a more thorough investigation.

Examine the Injured Area

If your dog is unconscious you should the worst, a skull fracture, and get your dog to an emergency vet. If your dog is laboring to breath, carefully examine the dog's ribs by gently touching them. If your dog yelps or reacts to your touch then it is likely the dog's ribs are broken. If your dog is limping examine the leg and paw he is favoring. If your dog seems to be in pain and there are no visible injuries, get your dog to the vet for further examination.

It is important to approach an injured dog carefully. A normally docile dog may react by biting due to fear and pain from the injury. Dog surgery is often necessary for more complex dog bone breaks, but sometimes treatment is a simple as setting a break properly and immobilizing the limb in a cast while the dog heals.