The Health Benefits of a Dog Hair Cut

A dog hair cut can do more for a dog than just make him look good. Dog grooming services play a vital role in the health of a dog if looked at as a preventative health check as it can bring to light problems that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Health Benefits of a Haircut for Your Dog

Canine hair cuts can remove excess fur, painful mats, dander and shedded hair that can cause skin irritations. These irritants can often lead to excessive itching and scratching causing lesions that become infected.

Hair cuts also provide a close up review of the skin and coat. A good groomer will take note and inform the owner of issues they come across while working on a dog. Key health warning signs like hot spots, rashes, hives and other skin irritations can be noted as can a dry or brittle coat.

Parasites such as fleas and ticks are more easily noted when a dog's coat is trimmed and in good order. The tidy fur makes it easier to get at and remove any such parasites. Maintaining a dog's cut also provides for more efficient control over their body temperature. Especially during the summer months when excess hair can cause overheating, a good haircut will allow for better air movement through the coat, allowing excess heat to dissipate.

Keeping a dog's coat trimmed and in good condition is a proactive measure at keeping a dog healthy and free from a variety of problems. Not only will the dog look good, he'll feel good as well.