Dog Harness Types

A dog harness may come in various sizes and colors and there are also a few types of harnesses you can choose from. The special types of harnesses will be recommended for assistance and working dogs. Harnesses are important when you are training your dog or when your pet has some behavior issues or a medical problem that requires additional safety devices. A harness will allow you to guide and control your dog.

Uses of Harnesses

A harness can be used instead of a collar or in conjunction with a collar. The harness is made up of various straps, which will allow you to have more control over your pet.

A harness may be used in a number of instances:

  • When the dog is in the training phase; pulling the harness will allow you to control the pet and he will learn to read your intentions by the way you handle the harness
  • If the dog has certain behavior issues and he is difficult to control when on a leash
  • If the dog is aggressive and may be a safety threat to the people and canines around him
  • If the dog has a medical condition that hinders him from having a normal position and the harness allows him to maintain a healthy position; dogs that have a collapsed trachea or other respiratory problems may also require a harness
  • If the dog is used as a service dog for seniors or the blind
  • If the dog is a working dog and needs to perform certain tasks such as carrying a sled
  • When the dog is traveling with you in the car, a harness can be used as a safety belt

The type of harness you choose will depend greatly on the reason you need to get a harness for your dog.

Types of Harnesses

There are various styles of harnesses for dogs and the harnesses may also vary in the materials used and the thickness of the harness, to better suit the pet and make sure he is comfortable.

There are also a number of types of harnesses available, according to the purpose you need the harness for:

  • Sled harnesses, for sled pulling dogs
  • Well padded harnesses for guide dogs; these harnesses should also have an easy to find handle, so that the owner can find it with no problems
  • Adjustable harnesses for when you train your dog or for walking purposes
  • Medical harnesses, recommended for dogs that have a health issue such as a breathing problem (these include rear supporting harnesses that are needed for handicapped pets)
  • Car safety harnesses

When purchasing a harness for you pet, it’s important to keep in mind your pet’s comfort. An ill fitting harness may cause respiratory problems and may be a health danger.

Avoid leather harnesses and opt for textile, padded harnesses for the dog’s comfort.