The Myth of Head Lice in Dogs

School children and those in daycares often come home with head lice, dogs cannot. Head lice feed on the blood of humans, no other species will do.

Identifying Head Lice

Head lice are approximately three millimeters long and gray in color. Their legs feature claws allowing them to grasp hair while laying eggs or feeding. The bite of a louse becomes itchy because their saliva contains a liquid to keep blood from clotting allowing them to feed longer. After they feed, they will leave black, flaky droppings behind.

Head Lice Do Not Feed on Dogs

While blood provides essential nutrients to head lice, dogs are never suitable hosts. Only human blood works for them. Therefore, you and your children cannot get lice from your dog, nor will your dog pick up lice from you or your children.

Truth about Spreading Head Lice

Head lice do not jump. They cannot fly. Humans who contract head lice got it from being very close to someone with lice. They may share a comb, brush, scarf, hat or piece of clothing pulled over the head. This is the only way you can get head lice from another.