Dog Health Certificate Guide for Travelers

When traveling with your pet, a dog health certificate is usually required for airline, train or foreign travel. By having a certificate of health from your veterinarian, you offer proof that your dog is disease-free, properly vaccinated and healthy enough to withstand the rigors of travel.

Most regulations require a dog health certificate issued no more than ten days before your departure date. In addition, many ask that you visit a vet in their country for a second certificate if your stay exceeds 10 days.tra

Basics of a Dog Health Certificate

Your vet is familiar with the certification process. He/she will verify that the dog's vaccinations are up to date. Necessary vaccinations or boosters are given during that appointment. The list of vaccinations, including the date administered, is included on the certificate.

The veterinarian next performs a health exam to be sure your dog can handle the stress of flying. If you fail to bring the proper paperwork, the airline or customs may quarantine your pet for up to six months.

Specific Regulations

Different countries list their own regulations that you must obey. A few months before your departure date, call the appropriate embassy for current laws. Some countries refuse to allow dogs into their country without quarantining the dog for upwards of six months. Others will bypass this regulation if you send a current dog health certificate and apply for a special permit from their government.