Dog Health Food FAQ

All dogs need a balanced diet and there are a few things a dog health food needs. You should learn about the basics of dog health food and ensure your dog gets the best nutrients to be in good health. Feeding a suitable diet to your dog may also avoid possible health problems that may be diet related.

What Is the Protein Requirement?

All dogs need proteins and the best source of proteins is meat. Meat should be part of the dog’s everyday diet and about 18% of the dog’s food should be proteins. Puppies need about 25% of proteins, as these will help their growing process.

The meats should be organic and white meat and fish are more recommended than red meat.

Red meat may be a source of allergies and may also contain more fat.

How Much Fat Do Dogs Need?

Adult dogs need between 8 to 15% of fat per day and the amount should be reduced if the dog has digestive problems.

Fats are essential for a healthy skin and will also give the dog the energy he needs.

What Is the Recommended Fiber Intake?

Fibers should be a part of dog health foods, as they help a normal digestion and will regularize the metabolism. The amount of fibers needed may depend on each dog in part.

The dog’s diet should contain a lot of fibers or the dog should get a few supplements.

Why Are Synthetic Ingredients Unhealthy?

The majority of commercial dog foods are made with synthetic ingredients (i.e. artificial flavors and colorants). These are not beneficial for the dog, as these may be linked to digestive problems (i.e. the irritable bowel syndrome) and in the long run may also cause cancer, according to some studies.

Organic or Non-Organic?

Organic foods are more recommended than non organic foods. Non organic foods may be treated with different chemicals and hormones, which are not healthy and may not be well tolerated by all canines.

All Natural Foods

You may purchase all natural foods that are made from organic ingredients and natural preservatives. These are healthy and recommended for all dogs, regardless of their age or health condition.

The possible disadvantages of these natural foods include the fact that they will expire in just a few days and will be more expensive than regular dog food.

You should never feed your dog foods that are past their expiry date.

Dry or Wet?

Dogs may get kibble dry food or wet food. The best food may depend on your pet’s organism and the way he reacts to these foods.

Just remember if you opt for wet food, get some dry treats for the dog’s dental health. Conversely, if your pet eats kibble food, make sure he gets enough liquids.

There are a lot of dog foods that will be advertised as health foods. You should always check the labels for the nutritional information (protein and fat contents) and the ingredients and decide for yourself if these are indeed health foods.