Dog Heart Failure: Identifying Possible Symptoms

Dog heart failure is a serious, life threatening condition with a number of causes. You need to know how to identify the symptoms.

Causes of Dog Heart Failure

Dogs of any age, size or breed can develop heart failure. Here are some of the causes of dog heart failure:

* Birth defects * Heartworm * Cardiomyopathy * Arrythmia * Heart disease

Types of Dog Heart Failure

There are two types of dog congestive heart failure: left side congestive heart failure and right side congestive heart failure. The two types share some symptoms, but each also has unique symptoms of its own.

Symptoms of Dog Heart Failure

If your dog is experiencing left-side congestive heart failure, he may display an unwillingness or even an inability to exercise. He will breathe quickly and with difficulty. He may cough, and even faint.

If your dog is experiencing right-side congestive heart failure, he may display the symptoms above. He may also display the additional symptoms of swelling in the abdomen and limbs.

A dog experiencing heart failure may also appear fatigued or depressed.