The Importance of Dog Identification Tags

Dog identification tags are important to secure to your dog at all times. Tags come in a variety of styles and types, from basic engraved metal that can be purchased cheaply from your local pet store to customized, crystal-studded identification tags. Whichever tag type you choose, there are many reasons to maintain identification on your dog at all times.

People Will Know Who Lost Dog Belongs To

Even the most simple identification tags have the pet's name and a phone number. Keeping this information up-to-date will increase your chances of getting your lost dog back from a neighbor or an animal shelter/control agency.

Dog Identification Tags Can Include Medical Information

If your pet is on medication or is suspectible to certain conditions, this can be noted on the tag. Identification tags also can show an up-to-date rabies vaccination with the details of the vaccinating clinic, which can act as a secondary form of contact for you and denote to a finder that the pet has been inoculated against the rabies virus.

Denote that Your Pet Has a Microchip Implant

Identification tags can only provide limited information but a pet tracking microchip allows a finder to call a toll-free phone number and get multiple phone numbers, addresses and information on the dog they have found.

Identification tags are very important, even for the dog at home. You can neverbe too careful sometimes. Tags greatly increase your chances of reuniting with your dog.