Features to Look for in a Dog Kennel and Run

The dog kennel and run can help keep your dog safely enclosed while you are gone for the day while allowing her room to run and play. There are several factors to consider including choosing the best dog kennel flooring and the type of basic material used to build the dog kennel and run. You can choose between a chain link kennel, a wooden kennel and a cement dog run.

The Basic Features of a Dog Kennel and Run

A dog kennel and run needs 3 separate sections for safety, hygiene and licensing purposes in many areas. Food and water need to be enclosed in a place that keeps bugs out and gives the dog a place to get shelter. The dog should also have a place to sleep that has some shelter like a roof. A dog bed or stack of clean blankets suffices for the bed itself. Then the dog needs an area long enough for her to run and play in the fresh air.

You might want to provide a tarp roof even for the run during the rainy season but it still should be well ventilated. The run should be at least three times the length and width of the dog herself. She needs to be able to freely get from the kennel to the exercise run. The fence should be high enough that the dog can't jump over but low enough that she can see over. There should be some sort of drainage at the end of the run for excess rain water or water from hosing down the run.

Options for Dog Kennel Flooring

There are several options for dog kennel flooring and cement is probably the best. A cement dog run is easy to clean and hose off. Dog urine won't seep into it which keeps it more sanitary. If you choose cement, make sure your dog likes to run on the cement and make sure to provide a proper soft bed and some bulbs that provide a bit of heat in the sheltered area. Grass and dirt are less desirable for kennel flooring because they are hard to maintain, hard to keep clean, and can be a great breeding ground for parasites. Gravel is a better option but puppies may decide to chew on it and it needs to be raked regularly to keep it even.

Options for the Kennel Itself

You can choose between a wooden, a brick and concrete, a portable or a chain link kennel. The chain link kennel is durable yet provides good ventilation. A wooden kennel has a nice feel to it but a brick and concrete kennel is easiest to maintain and keep sanitary. Brick and concrete kennels stay cool in the summer and are very hard for even a large dog to destroy or damage. A portable kennel can help a dog be able to accompany the family on vacation. They are also cheaper than the more permanent kennels and are especially useful for a small to medium sized dog.