Diet Recommendations for Dog Kidney Problems

Dog kidney disease is a common diagnosis in older canines. There are several different types of treatments for kidney disease in dogs. The most extreme treatment for canine kidney disease is dog kidney dialysis. Dog kidney failure is usually a slow process that goes unnoticed and undiagnosed often until it is fairly advanced. Treatment for canine kidney failure is usually just an effort to make the dog more comfortable, but there are ways you can help a dog suffering from kidney failure, just by changing their diet.

Low-Phosphorus Foods Slow Kidney Disease

Studies have shown that diets, which contain large numbers of low-phosphorus foods, can slow the progression of kidney disease in dogs. The belief is that low-phosphorus foods reduce the amount of minerals in the kidneys and keep them from being overworked.

Low-Sodium Foods

Diets low in sodium are among the types of diets veterinarians recommend for dogs that suffer from kidney disease. Typically canine diets are low in sodium. There are foods available from your veterinarians that are particularly low in sodium, designed specifically for dogs needing a low sodium diet. Dogs on low sodium diets should have access to plenty of water and have regular exercise.

Low-Protein Diets

The most controversial diet for dogs suffering from kidney disease is the low protein diet. Diets that are low in protein generate less nitrogenous waste. Too much nitrogenous waste can cause vomiting and nausea. Careful administration of low protein diets is a must in order to avoid malnutrition of the dog. If you opt for a low protein diet for your dog, then it is important to purchase well-balanced low protein food or better yet, making your own homemade food is the best option.

Avoid Dry Dog Food

Dogs suffering from kidney disease should not eat dry dog food as a part of their diet. Dry dog food can lead to dehydration in dogs who have kidney diseases and hydration is a very important part of treating kidney disease in dogs.

Nutritional Supplements to Treat Kidney Disease

Supplement for a dog suffering from canine kidney disease is a key to effectively treating the disease through diet. An increase in the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of dogs suffering from kidney disease slows the progression of the disease studies have shown. In addition, adding vitamin B and vitamin C complex add vital nutrients to the dog's body that are lost otherwise because of the poor functioning kidneys. Potassium supplements are also necessary for some dogs with kidney disease.

If a dog is truly suffering from canine kidney disease, changing the dog's diet can make an impact on the dog's health. If a dog is displaying kidney disease symptoms, but has dog kidney cancer then dog kidney surgery is another way to help the dog. Regardless, when it comes to kidney disease maintaining proper hydration of the dog is important.