How Long a Dog Leg Injury Takes to Heal

Dog leg injury heal time can vary based on how complex the injury is, because the heal time of a canine leg cannot be determined simply with one basic solution to cover all injuries. Different types of leg injuries will require different types of treatments to suit what that specific injuries needs. Therefore each injury, depending on its own independent level of severity, will have its own level of heal time.


Notice possible symptoms of a dog leg injury:

  • Limping
  • Swelling
  • Whining/whimpering
  • Visible lacerations, bruising or skin irritations

Vet Consultation

Consult your veterinarian with all the information concerning the symptoms you've noticed. This will help you and your vet determine the complexity of the injury along with whether your dog should be treated by you or by a vet.

If your vet determines by phone that the injury is simple and will require minimal healing time, he may recommend you to not bring your dog in. Make sure you contact your vet to get this information; never assume that you can sufficiently care for the injury yourself.

Types of Injuries

Simple injuries may include:

  • Cuts
  • Sprains
  • Scrapes
  • Minor bites
  • Dry skin

These injuries do not require much heal time and can likely be treated by you at home. More complex injuries can include the following and should be treated by your vet:

• Broken or cracked bones • Deep cuts or bites • Extreme skin irritation or large rashes • Swelling • Limping

Depending on the severity of your dog's injury, different levels of treatment may be required to make sure your dog is properly cared for. The heal time will depend on the severity of the injury. Consulting a veterinarian can help ease your mind and ensure your dog gets the treatment he needs.