Dog Lice Treatment With Pyrethrin-Based Shampoos

Dog lice treatment with pyrethrin-based shampoo is a very simple to way to treat your dog's lice. Read the following information as to how to recognize, treat, and get rid of the lice from your dog.

Recognizing Lice

Lice are parasitical insects that live in your dog's fur. They are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. Their bodies are flattened and they have no wings. There are several varieties of lice which either ingest your dog's blood or feed on his or her skin.

Pyrethrin-Based Dog Shampoo

Pyrethrin-based dog shampoo is a pesticidal shampoo that kills dog lice. You should only use pyrethrin-based dog shampoo to bathe your dogs as it can make other animals ill. Follow the instructions carefully and do not use pyrethrin-based dog shampoo if you are pregnant or nursing.

Treating Dog Lice Using the Shampoo

Dog lice treatment is simple. Bathe your dog thoroughly with a pyrethrin-based shampoo. Dry your dog's fur and apply a pyrethrin-based spray or powder. Repeat this treatment after 10-14 days to kill any remaining lice that may have hatched following the first dog lice treatment. You can find these lice preventing products very easily at your local pet-store.