Causes of Dog Lip Inflammations

Dog lip inflammation is probably one of the most easily noticed problems because we tend to focus on a dog's face. There are any number of causes for inflammation, from minor to severe, each needing to be addressed in their own way.

Causes of Canine Lip Inflammation

  • Canine acne can cause a dog's lip to become inflamed. Blackheads can become infected and itchy or painful. Treatment can be administered in any number of washes, ointments or applications.
  • Bacterial skin infections can be caused by the dog scratching or pawing at its nose and mouth area. Antibiotics may be necessary to help kill the bacterial infection.
  • Bee stings and insect bites can also cause inflammation on a dog's lip. Dogs will frequently snap or bite at insects, resulting in a sting.
  • Dental problems can cause inflammation of the lip. It will take examination by a veterinarian to determine the actual cause and solution for dental problems.
  • Oral cancer in dogs can also cause inflammation of the lip. These can be malignant or benign, but must be examined by a veterinarian for proper treatment.

Inflammation of the canine lip is a common, often treatable problem. If the cause isn't immediately identifiable, as in a bee sting, it is best to seek your veterinarian's advice in identifying and treating the problem.