What Breed of Dog Is the Most Low-Maintenance?

Learning what breed of dog is low maintenance helps you choose a dog that fits your busy lifestyle. Some pets require hours of exercise and grooming every day causing people to feel owning a dog is not necessarily for them. If you research low-maintenance dog breeds first, you can enjoy dog ownership without hassle.

Low maintenance dogs require minimal exercise and grooming. Dog breeds such as boxers, greyhounds and border collies will not fit into this category. They like daily exercise with long, brisk walks and energetic play chasing balls or frisbees.

Knowing What Breed of Dog Fits Your Lifestyle

When asking what breed of dog fits your daily routine, you must remember every dog requires basic care. This includes:

  • Daily meals
  • Exercise
  • Grooming
  • Obedience training
  • Yearly veterinary check-ups

If you work long hours, you want to come home, maybe take a short walk and then get dinner and relax for the evening. You may find it hard to match energetic dogs to your lifestyle. A greyhound, for instance, has a tendency to be difficult to train and a passion for running. They need to run to keep their leg muscles properly developed. A boxer requires daily exercise and obedience training to overcome their natural distrust of strangers. With that, someone looking for a low-maintenance dog should probably look at other breeds.

Boston Terrier Traits and Behaviors

When asking what breed of dog is best for your busy lifestyle, consider a Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers train easily and require minimal exercise. A quick, daily walk suffices. Boston Terriers are sensitive to heat, so on hot days, indoor activities are best. Tossing a ball down a hallway is enough exercise for any Boston Terrier.

A Boston Terrier requires little grooming. They are short-haired pets and apart from a quick brushing every couple of days and periodic nail trimming, there is little more you'll have to do with this dog breed.

Pugs Enjoy Laying Around

Devoted to their family, Pugs are great family pets. A pug loves children, adults, cats and other dogs and rarely wants to leave its owner's side. They require little exercise and only require a quick daily brushing. Beyond that, they're happy sitting on your lap or curled up on a cozy dog bed.

Pugs rarely weigh more than 18 pounds. They will shed, but brushing their short hair on a daily basis eliminates this problems. Pugs take up little space in a house or apartment. Best of all, they train relatively easily and enjoy indoor and outdoor playtime.

Shiba Inu's Love Grooming Themselves

When asking what breed of dog keeps itself clean, the Shiba Inu tops the list. The dog hates being dirty and will spend hours grooming itself like a cat, especially if they've been outside.

As they desire being as clean as possible, the Shiba Inu is one of the easiest dogs to housebreak. Often, they will start house training by themselves if you remember to take the puppy outside after eating or sleeping.

Shiba Inu dogs do require a daily walk, so make sure you have enough time in your schedule to match this need.