Dog Muscle Supplement Products

Some dog owners give dog muscle supplements to their dogs for muscle recovery after strenuous exercise or for muscle building. Usually these types of vitamin supplements are given to working breeds of dogs, such as sled dogs, police dogs or even show dogs. Some muscle supplements are natural and therefore do not have many side effects, while others can be made with artificial ingredients, which can cause mild to severe side effects.

Build Muscle

Muscle supplements are used to build lean muscle quickly and to burn fat, thereby adding definition to the dog. Since the supplements build muscles and muscle weigh more than fat, the dog will also gain weight. Not only do muscle supplements add muscle, they also provide essential vitamins and nutrients for a healthy skin, strong joints and shiny coat.

Strenuous Exercise

Strenuous exercise breaks down muscle and increases the production of lactic acid and its accumulation, which results in fatigue. Recovery from strenuous exercise usually can take 2 to 3 days. Some muscle supplements reverse or repair this damage and rebuilds muscle cells for a quicker recovery, resulting in more exercising time. For some breeds involved in strength or endurance contests, such as sled dogs, hunting dogs, tracking dogs or cart pulling dogs, this is extremely important. More exercise means more strength and endurance and therefore a better chance of winning the contest or race.

Muscle supplements can increase power, strength and endurance. These supplements can also reduce fatigue since they react much like steroids do without the damage or side effects. However, too much reliance or usage of muscle supplements can wear down a dog’s body, even though he may not feel it and his owner may not see it. The body is made to replenish itself with rest. Taking supplements to eliminate this type of rejuvenating rest can be harmful in the long run.

This can work much like taking pain pills for a long time in order to continue performing without feeling any pain. Pain is the body’s way of saying “enough already, stop for a moment” or “take it easy, you are hurting me”. Forcing workouts can lead to permanent damage. There is no substitute for genuine rest.

Muscle Supplements for Rehabilitation

Some dogs have injured themselves or have had surgery and are in the recovery stage. Muscle supplements can help repair muscle damage without the harmful side effects of steroids.

Muscle supplements can also:

  • improve the immune system
  • help the immune system resist diseases
  • reduce the risk of heart disease
  • reduce risk of cancer
  • reduce risk of infections

Some can even help reduce joint pain and inflammation and protect cartilage.

Before adding muscle supplements to any dog’s diet, it is important to read the warning labels and access whether any warnings are applicable to the dog in question. Certain muscle supplements cannot mix with certain medications and so that fact needs to be evaluated.

Determining the reason for supplementing a dog’s diet with muscle supplements is also important. If the owner wants the “biggest and the baddest” dog on the block as the reason for adding muscle supplements to his dog’s diet, he may want to reevaluate that reason. Muscle supplements are made for helping working dogs recover from the strenuous workouts or exercises they perform so that they are in top shape for their “job”, whether that is the running of a long race, to preparing for an obstacle course, to working as a sled dog or police dog.