A Guide to Dog Pimple Treatments

Treatments for dog pimple conditions clear up quickly with the proper treatment. The most common reason for a dog zit issue is oily skin. A simple dog skin care routine of washing with a cleanser containing Benzoyl Peroxide, such as DermaPet®, works effectively. There are other reasons, however. They include:
  • Allergic reactions to flea and mite bites
  • Bacteria infections
  • Environmental allergens

Treatments for Allergic Reactions

If the allergen causing a dog pimple is a fleabite, it is important to rid your pet and home of fleas. Use a flea prevention product like Frontline and rid your home of fleas using flea sprays, flea bombs or sprinkling your carpet with Borax and vacuuming it up.

Mites usually mean your dog has mange. It is important to determine the type of mange. Mites can be passed to humans, so wear gloves while bathing your pet in an over-the-counter mite shampoo like Dermisil.

If environmental allergens, such as mold spores or pollen, are to blame, your veterinarian may need to prescribe allergy medications. Alternatively, try shielding your dog from the allergen. If pollen is an issue with dog health, limit the time your pet spends outdoors when pollen counts are high.

Bacterial Infection Treatments

If a bacterial infection dog skin is to blame, you should bathe your pet in an anti-bacterial shampoo containing Chlorhexidine. DermCare Medicated Shampoo and Eight-in-One by Excel provide great results in clearing up a dog pimple rash.