Dog Potty Training Aids

Dog potty training can be complicated if owners don't have the proper aids. If you are home to constantly supervise your dog, you may not need any aids. However, if you ever plan to leave your house, a few training aids will be very helpful.

Crate for Dog Training

The best potty training aid you can possibly purchase is an appropriately sized crate. This means that it's tall enough for your dog to stand and just big enough for your dog to turn around and lie down, no bigger. If your dog is going to grow and you'd like to purchase a larger crate, purchase the partitions to keep it small while your puppy is small.

The most important aspect of potty training is anticipating your dog's needs and taking him outside before he needs to go. If you can't supervise to spot the characteristic sniff, he needs to be in his crate. If allowed out at a regular time interval, your dog will avoid going in his crate and save it for outside.

Just make sure not to leave your puppy in his crate too long. Some small puppies may only be able to hold their bladders for an hour. If you have to leave them longer, a different piece of equipment is required.

Puppy Pads and Litter Boxes

There are many types of puppy pads on the market that claim to use scent to attract your dog to the appropriate place. If your dog needs to stay inside for long periods, he must have a place to go.

Many dogs are attracted to potty pads. However, many dogs also tear them up. In addition, if your dog spends too much time eliminating on potty pads, he may not learn to go outside.

Thus, a dog litter box may be a more appropriate choice if you want to phase out the potty pads. Litter boxes come in many forms, including fake grass, which more closely imitate the substrate where you want your dog to go.

X Pen or Baby Gates

If you need to leave your puppy for longer than he can hold it, he still needs a small area with a bed and litter box so that he has limited choices to where he will eliminate. The best way to limit these options is to build an X pen where he can spend time during the day.

These are simply temporary pens that can be set up in your house, much like a play pen for children made of metal. If this option seems unfeasible, choose a small room with few temptations for chewing and eliminating and baby gate your puppy in that room.

Puppy Training Spray

Though not necessary if you follow proper potty training protocol, there are also scented sprays on the market designed to guide your dog to the correct elimination place. Since dogs will usually eliminate where there is already urine scent, these sprays are urine scented.

If you would like your dog to eliminate in one certain place in the yard, this may help guide him. However, it won't prevent him from having an accident in the house if not properly trained. There is no substitute for potty training.