Dog Pregnancy Test

A number of symptoms can help you detect a possible pregnancy in your dog, but a dog pregnancy test can give you a certain response. The canine pregnancy test is a relatively new invention and may not be the easiest to use. It may be performed at home, if you feel comfortable with getting a blood sample or at the vet’s office.  

Dog Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test in dogs has been developed and you can find out at home if your pet is expecting puppies. You can get these tests online or from pet pharmacies.

The test may be more difficult to take, as it will require a blood sample, which you will have to take using a syringe. A urine pregnancy test for canines hasn’t been developed yet.

Calm your dog down and try to extract some blood. A centrifuge will be included in the pregnancy kit and will be used to filter the blood and obtain the plasma, which will be required for testing. Once the plasma is obtained, the test takes up to 10 minutes and you will find out if the dog is indeed pregnant.

If you have a difficult time collecting the blood and separating the plasma, you can take your dog to the vet and the test can be performed there.

The pregnancy test can be used in dogs of all ages, regardless if she has had other puppies or not. However, the test may not give conclusive results if performed before day 20 of pregnancy. So, allow at least 3 weeks after the dog stops the heat cycle to take the test.

Other Tests to Determine Pregnancy

A pregnancy may be detected if the dog is taken to the vet and an ultrasound in performed.

This test will let you know how many puppies are in the dog’s uterus and the approximate time you can expect the dog to deliver.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

The dog’s pregnancy can be determined judging by a number of symptoms. You should watch out for these symptoms only if your dog is not neutered and has been recently in the heat period and had contact with male dogs.

During the heat cycle, the dog has a certain fertile time during which she can be bred. This is typically during the 7th and 10th days of the estrus (during the bleeding time). This time is signaled by a special smell that is emitted by the dog and may be felt by the male dogs for a considerable distance.

Symptoms of dog pregnancy may include:

  • Lack of appetite, during the first few weeks, followed by a visible increase of appetite
  • Morning sickness
  • Enlarged nipples
  • Enlarged abdomen, after week 5 of pregnancy, the puppies may be seen when they move
  • Calmer behavior
  • Hiding

Some of these symptoms may indicate different diseases in the dog and some dogs may also experience pseudo pregnancies.