Is Your Dog Safe in Cargo? 6 Things to Ask Before You Travel

Be aware that if you plan to travel by air with your dog, cargo is often where they are placed. Most airlines have health requirements that all dog travel candidates must meet. Contact your airline at least two months prior if you plan to travel with dogs.

Flying With Your Dog: Air Travel Questions

  • What vaccinations does my dog need prior to the flight?
  • Does the airline require a veterinary health certificate for pet travel? If so, how long is the certificate valid?
  • Can I use my own dog crate or do use an airline-provided kennel?
  • Is there a special check-in area for animal passengers?
  • Are there any weather-related restrictions? Some airlines will not allow pets in the cargo hold during cooler weather.
  • Are there any breed restriction? Some flat-faced breeds are not allowed on flights due to breathing difficulties.

Prepare your pet by acclimating her to a crate prior to the flight. Provide food and water at least four hours prior and do not sedate your dog.