5 Signs Your Dog Will Soon Be Whelping

If your dog has been in heat you might want to know if your dog is whelping. You might see some signs that will indicate that your dog is pregnant. The gestation period is around 62 days or 9 weeks on average.

1. Changes in Appetite

At the beginning of the pregnancy, you dog will show no interest in food. She might also vomit in the morning, but there are dogs that don't display this symptom. Towards the end of the pregnancy, your dog will start eating more and more.

2. Less Activity

If you notice that your dog does not engage in many activities, this may indicate a pregnancy. Be careful, this might also be a sign that your dog is sick.

3. Change in Nipple Size and Color

During pregnancy, the dog's nipples will increase in volume and change color. Just before the delivery, the nipples might be leaking, as the production of milk starts.

4. Changes in Behavior

Your dog will be more affectionate than usual. This is a signal that she is getting ready to have puppies. Towards the end of the pregnancy, you will see that your dog tries to prepare a place to deliver.

5. Feeling the Dog's Abdomen

After 3 weeks after the conception of the puppies, when palpating the abdomen of the mother, you will be able to feel some lumps. After the fifth week of pregnancy, it will be difficult to feel the puppies. However, your dog will gain weight and towards the end of the 9 weeks you will see also the puppies move.