Dog Throwing Up Bile

Many people are alarmed to notice when their dog begins throwing up bile. Bile has a bright yellow color to it, and it can be quite a shock to see your pet's vomit look this color. Depending upon the dog, you may be more or less accustomed to your pet throwing up frequently. All dogs will tend to throw up occasionally, but there are certain situations in which you'll need to pay particular attention to your pet's vomiting to be sure that there isn't something going on with his health, and to know whether you'll need to speak with a vet. Generally, if your pet has a single vomiting episode, it's not something to worry about. however, if you see that your pet has vomited a couple of different times, you should probably take him or her to the vet.

Characteristics of Throwing Up Bile

Bile will be almost immediately recognizable for its distinctive color. Most bile is bright yellow in appearance. You will likely not be able to see any food particles or partially digested bits of kibble in your pet's vomit if he is throwing up bile; bile is usually what comes up if your pet vomits while on an empty stomach. Therefore, it's not uncommon to see vomit in the morning that is mostly bile, as this is the longest period of time since your pet last ate.

Problems Associated with Throwing Up Bile

Because vomiting is a relatively frequent occurrence in many dogs, it's not always possible to determine immediately what the issue is when your dog is throwing up bile. Many dogs will vomit as a natural reaction if they ingest something that may be harmful to them. Other dogs vomit occasionally when they overexert themselves. It's only when you notice your pet vomiting up bile more than once in a short period of time that you have some real cause for concern.

Problems that are associated with vomiting up bile on a regular basis include:

There are a variety of other issues that may lead to your pet vomiting up bile as well. Therefore, it's a good idea to take note of any concurrent symptoms that you see in your dog when he begins to throw up bile consistently. You should then note these symptoms and take them with you to the vet.

Treating Vomiting Problems

One of the best ways to treat a vomiting problem in your dog is to help remedy the diet that he eats. In some cases, the food that your pet eats may be directly responsible for causing him to have difficulty keeping his bile down. Working with your vet to come up with a new diet to help ease his transition may be the best way to deal with this issue. If the vet determines that the cause of the vomiting is something else, however, you may need to begin a regimen of drugs for the dog.