Dog Throwing Up Water

When a dog is throwing up it can be a sign that your pet is unwell. The vomit may contain traces of food, but may also be a clear liquid or water, or it may contain blood. The causes of a dog throwing up water should be identified so the animal can receive treatment. Meanwhile, the dog should receive liquids to stay hydrated.

Gastric Juice

When a dog is throwing up water, this is actually gastric juice, which is an acid that helps the digestion process. When a dog throws up gastric juice that is clear and not mixed with any foods, it may be due to the fact that the dog hasn't eaten anything. The dog may have eaten something that irritates his stomach and gets stuck in the intestinal tract. Monitor your pet and see if there are other symptoms. Typically, a dog throwing up water can point to a few medical problems, including thyroid dysfunction, agitation, toxicity, stomach or brain tumors or the swallowing of unusual foods or objects.

Thyroid Dysfunction

A thyroid dysfunction can be the underlying cause of the dog throwing up clear liquid or water. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing the thyroid hormones, and when these are in excess the dog has hyperthyroidism. When there is a deficit of thyroid hormones, the dog has hypothyroidism. Both these conditions may cause vomiting and if the stomach is empty, the dog may vomit water. Additional symptoms may include oily or dry skin, coarse hair or pale gums. Medication therapy is available to solve the thyroid dysfunction, and surgery may be recommended in extreme cases.


If the dog is agitated or excited he may end up throwing up gastric juice. You can determine whether your dog is excited or agitated, as he will be restless and will calm down if he gets attention.


Toxic foods and materials may cause vomiting in dogs. The dog may often throw up only clear liquid and he may also have foam at the mouth. Watch out for symptoms such as diarrhea, lack of coordination, dilated pupils, pale gums, seizures or coma. Toxic substances can be absorbed using activated charcoal, but the dog still needs immediate veterinary attention.

Liver Dysfunction

The liver is an essential organ that will filter the toxic substances in the dog's body. If the liver doesn't function properly and fails to filter the toxins, the dog will have a high level of toxins in the blood, which will cause similar symptoms as in the case of toxicity.


A tumor that is found in the stomach may cause the dog to vomit. The dog may vomit both food and clear liquid, depending on whether his stomach is empty or not. If the tumor is located in the brain, this may cause frequent vomiting, especially if it is located close to the vomiting center. The tumor must be diagnosed and removed, if possible. If the tumor is cancerous, the dog needs chemotherapy treatment.