Dog Air Travel and Sedation

You should speak to your vet about plans to bring your dog along when you air travel. Air travel can be frightening for your dog, but using a sedative is not recommended. While it may seem as though a sedative would help your dog travel quietly and safely, the opposite is true.

Danger of Mixing Sedatives With Air Travel

When you travel with dogs, they are usually crated and placed in the cargo hold. The combination of high altitude and the sedative's effect on your dog's heart and respiration can cause cardiac problems or breathing difficulties. Many pets are unused to the effects of sedatives and may become disoriented and at risk of injury.

Plan Ahead of Time

Pet air travel requires some advance planning. Your veterinarian will need to examine your dog and provide a certificate stating that your pet is healthy and ready for air travel and that all of his required vaccinations are up-to-date.