How Dog Treats Can Help During Training

Dog treats can be an effective tool while training your dog. However, some owners can learn to rely too heavily on treats as it less complex than other training tools. The following information describes the right way to use treats in training your dog.

About Treat Training

Treat training can only be effective once you have actually taught your dog basic commands. Treats are typically used to reinforce positive learned behaviors. Whenever your dog follows a command, give him a treat. Once you feel that your dog understands the commands and responds well, gradually decrease the amount of treats you would normally give.

Choosing the Best Dog Treats for Training

Some dog treats work better than others for several reasons. Some dog treats taste better than others, some are more nutritious than others, and some are much smaller and easier to carry around than others. When choosing the best dog treats for training, you should choose:

  • Soft treats
  • Small treats
  • Bright colored treats
  • Strong tasting treats

Soft Treats- Choose soft treats because they are easier to chew and quicker to consume. The trainer will have to keep the dog's attention, so it's best that the dog is not distracted for too long. Hard treats are much more labor intensive and time consuming.

Small Treats- Small treats are also quick and easy to eat. This will also help to avoid overfeeding the pet during his training sessions. Even pea sized treats can pack a powerful punch, so don't count them out.

Bright Colored Treats- Most training floors are covered with black mats for hygiene purposes. This means, if you have dark colored treats, the dog may have a tough time finding them. Opting for brighter colored treats means one less distraction for dogs during training. They won't waste time and attention hunting for a dark colored treat on a black floor.

Strong Tasting Treats- Dogs are motivated by treats with a strong taste, but as a pet owner you should always feed your dog the most nutritious food items you can find. So try to buy gourmet, all natural, and/or organic treats if at all possible. Go for variety as well so your dog doesn't get bored with the same flavors.