Nourishing Your Dog: Vitamin E Benefits

Nourishing Your Dog: Vitamin E Benefits
To promote a healthy coat and body, consider giving your dog Vitamin E. This vitamin has many benefits that help keep dogs in great health. Vitamin E supplements for dogs can be found in most pet shops.

Vitamin E Benefits
Vitamin E is believed to promote circulation, slow down the aging process, prevent cataracts, invigorate the immune system, and help with spinal problems. As dogs age, all of these issues tend to appear. Giving your dog Vitamin E may help prevent these problems from occurring.

Proper Dosage
Dog supplements are distributed according to a dog's weight and size. Generally, small dogs should only ingest 100 IU of Vitamin E, while larger dogs can have up to 400 IU. The best way to determine the proper dosage is to carefully read the back of the Vitamin E bottle.

Begin When Your Dog is Young
Some vitamins (such as a multivitamin and Vitamin E) can be given to your dog at an early age. Give your dog Vitamin E in conjunction with his regular food routine. This daily dosage will ensure a slick coat and a balanced diet full of proper nutrients.