My Dog is Vomiting Blood:10 Possible Causes

A dog vomiting blood is suffering from a condition known as hematemesis. Hematemesis could be temporary, or it could be a sign of chronic gastrointestinal illness.

Dog Vomiting Blood Symptoms

Hematemesis could occur as a small amount of bright red blood (which usually indicates an injury in the mouth or throat), or as a quantity of dark, clotted blood, which could indicate a more serious gastrointestinal condition.

Some of the symptoms that might accompany your dog's vomiting of blood include:

  • Weight loss
  • Belching
  • Bloating
  • Excessive thirst
  • Darkened stool

4 Acute Illnesses That Cause Dog Hematemesis

Here are some acute ailments that your vet will rule out before considering the possibility of a chronic condition:

1. Poisoning 2. Swallowing a foreign object 3. Drug reaction 4. Parasites

6 Chronic Illnesses That Cause Dog Hematemesis

Several chronic gastrointestinal and other ailments could cause your dog to vomit blood. They include:

1. Kidney disease 2. Liver disease 3. Motion sickness 4. Tumor 5. Obstruction of the bowel 6. Parasites