Dog Worming Treatment

Dogs are exposed to a lot of parasites and worms and if your dog gets infected, a dog worming treatment is required. The worms that infect dogs may be of various types, so the deworming treatment will depend on these. Some worms require only one deworming treatment, while others will necessitate several, depending on the development stages and life cycle of the worms.

Canine Intestinal Parasites

The most frequent intestinal canine parasites include the whipworms, tapeworms, hookworms or heartworms. Your dog will display a few symptoms if he gets infected with either of these worms; he may be vomiting and he may have diarrhea or segments of worms in the stool (tapeworms). The worms may cause lack of appetite and lethargic behavior.

These worms may be easily eliminated using dewormers. There is one exception: the heartworms will require a different treatment.

Please note that the roundworms are not actually parasites, but fungi which cannot be treated with dewormers.

Dog Deworming

The parasites live in the dog’s intestine and need a dewormer medication to be eliminated. There are several dewormers available and the type of parasite will dictate which dewormer is the most suitable. However, there are some universal dewormers that will be effective in getting rid of all types of parasites: hookworms, tapeworms or whipworms.

  • Wormout® is an effective dewormer that will eliminate any worms. The treatment includes a dose of 6 tablets, which will make sure to eliminate the worms and the larvae or eggs as well. Wormout may be administered for dogs over the age of 2 weeks.
  • Another well known dewormer is the Safe-guard®, which is recommended for dogs over the age of 6 weeks. It should be administered for 3 days and it may be given with the dog’s food.
  • Panacur C® is also a universal dewormer that should be given for 3 days in a row.
  • Drontal® is a prescription dewormer that can be highly effective for all types of worms and the dosage depends on the weight of your pet.

If you are looking for an over the counter dewormer, you can opt for WormX Plus. One tablet of Worm X Plus should be enough to eliminate the hookworms, whipworms or tapeworms.

Heartworm Elimination

The heartworm is a parasite that will typically not display any symptoms. If not detected in time, the heartworm may be fatal.

The vet will prescribe injections that contain arsenic, as heartworms are difficult to eliminate otherwise.

Alternative Dewormers

If you prefer natural remedies, get some HomeoPet® Worm Cleaner, which is a liquid containing plant extarcts. The natural ingredients will get rid of hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms.

Prevent Worms

Worm infections are very common among dogs of all ages, especially in puppies.

Typically, these worms are transmitted through direct contact with an infected dog or through feces and saliva. A proper hygiene may prevent intestinal parasites and by keeping an eye on your dog; however it is impossible to monitor your dog 24/7.

If your dog gets infected, the deworming is a fast and uncomplicated procedure.