Ailing Dog? Kennel Cough Causes and Treatment

Dog kennel cough

Dog kennel cough is a variation of bronchitis that is rarely dangerous. Dogs with kennel cough usually retain a normal appetite and energy level despite their illness. They do develop a dry cough that heightens when the dog becomes overly active. Some dogs acquire a runny nose with the cough. Caused by the bordetella brochiseptica bacteria, dog kennel cough typically occurs when after a dog has been around a number of other dogs, such as a kennel or dog daycare. When the infected dog coughs, his/her mucus and saliva become airborne spreading the bacteria to other dogs. There is a vaccination available to prevent the spread of kennel cough. Dog kennel cough is very similar to a chest cold in humans and will go away in a couple weeks without medical treatment. However, pneumonia is a risk for certain breeds and puppies. For this reason, it is best to see a vet to make sure your animal's lungs are clear. After a dog recovers from kennel cough, the bacteria remain present for a few months. It is best to quarantine the dog until the bacteria die.