Dogs with Liver Problems: Monitoring Urination

Dogs with liver problems require a certain amount of health supervision from their owners, including monitoring the dog's urination.

Monitoring Urination for Dogs with Liver Problems

If your dog is experiencing liver problems resulting from diseases and health issues like hepatitis, cancer, heartworm, parasites, anemia or pancreatitis you will probably need to monitor his urination. Owners should take note of the following characteristics of their dog's urine:

  • color
  • consistency
  • frequency of urination
  • straining or pain during urination
  • amount of urine.

While it may not be the most pleasant task it is important to keep track of your dog's urination and drinking habits. It may help to take your dog out on a leash when he needs to go to the bathroom, even if it's only in the backyard so you are there to watch for any symptoms of urinary problems

Symptoms to watch out for include:

  • excessive urination
  • infrequent and strained urination
  • discolored urine, including orange or dark colored urine
  • cloudy urine or pus in the urine
  • frequent drinking.