Treating Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Dogs with separation anxiety suffer a great deal of distress when they can't be near you. Separation anxiety may be at the root of many of your dog's behavior problems. Here's how you can recognize and deal with your dog's separation anxiety. What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety occurs when your dog becomes anxious at the prospect of being separated from you. This often occurs in dogs from shelters and dogs who have been abandoned or mistreated in the past, as they fear it might happen again. Identifying Separation Anxiety Your dog will display some key behaviors if he suffers from separation anxiety. They are: * Becoming noticeably distressed when you prepare to leave. * Misbehaving while you are away * Following you around * Being overexcited when you return Treating Separation Anxiety Only interact with your dog when he is calm and quiet. Ignore him when he displays attention-seeking behavior related to separation anxiety. Make a list of the behaviors that trigger your dog's separation anxiety. These are usually things that have to do with leaving the home, such as putting on shoes, finding keys, etc. Do these things, but don't go anywhere. This will desensitize your dog to the behavior so it doesn't give him separation anxiety anymore. Finally, you're ready to leave the house. Don't make a fuss when leaving, and don't make a fuss when you return. Continue to ignore any attention-seeking behavior your dog may display upon your return.