Dramamine for Dogs

Although it's rare, pet's can experience motion sickness in the same way that humans do; if your dog suffers from motion sickness, Dramamine might be an appropriate way of dealing with his symptoms. Motion sickness can come about while riding in a moving vehicle or for other reasons as well. It can oftentimes be linked with problems of the inner ear, although this is not always and necessarily the case.

Dramamine Overview

Dramamine is a brand name version of the medicine called dimenhydrinate. Although it was made specifically for use in humans and has not officially been approved by the FDA for use in dogs or cats, it is routinely prescribed by veterinarians. It can be legally prescribed as an extra label medicine, although you'll have to be careful to keep your pet under the close watch of the prescribing vet.

Dramamine is classified as an antihistamine. Typically, antihistamine drugs are used to reduce the production of histamines in your pet's body when he suffers from an allergic reaction, thereby reducing the symptoms of his response. However, in the case of dimenhydrinate, this medicine works instead to disrupt the vestibular system inside of your pet's ear. This is the system that is responsible for much of his sense of balance and motion; by preventing this system from being overstimulated, you can effectively reduce the likelihood that your pet will become motion sick.

Using Dramamine for Your Dog

Dramamine is typically found in three different forms. It is usually available as a tablet, as a liquid medicine or as an injectable drug as well. For the purposes of treating your pet's motion sickness, the tablet form is almost always preferable. The tablet can easily be included in your pet's food or along with a treat or snack. The exact dosage of the medicine will depend upon the size of your dog and the severity of his condition. Keep in mind that Dramamine is available in a variety of different concentrations, meaning that you'll need to be very careful of which one is the proper concentration to give to your pet. In most cases, you'll give your pet three doses of equal size each day.

Dramamine is not safe for dogs that have stomach upset or certain other disorders or conditions like glaucoma. It's also possible that your pet might experience some type of allergic reaction to the drug. In these cases, it's most likely that you'll find one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy

It's also possible that your dog might experience a more severe type of reaction to the Dramamine. In these cases, you may notice your pet having difficulty as he breathes or even losing consciousness. These are signs of a more severe allergic reaction to the drug, and you should take your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible after noticing these symptoms in order to have him treated properly.