Dry Dog Food for Allergies

Allergies in dogs may occur due to different factors that are found in the dog’s surroundings. Even the food that the dog eats may cause allergic reactions. There is dog food for allergies which contains non allergenic ingredients and can boost the immune system and reduce the allergic reactions. Dry food that includes quality ingredients and no synthetic components may be fed to dogs with allergies. The food will be specially formulated to contain ingredients the dog is not allergic to.

Food Allergies

Food allergies occur in dogs that have a weaker immune system and are more common after the age of 2. The allergic dog may develop negative reactions to different common ingredients such as meats (beef or pork), corn, soy or the preservatives and colorants used in the making of the foods. Typically, dry foods contain more artificial ingredients than wet foods and are more likely to cause allergies in sensitive dogs.

Food Testing

Food allergies are among the worst type of allergies in canines, as the culprit ingredient is difficult to identify. For other types of allergies, there are blood tests that may be performed and the results can be obtained right away.

To detect food allergies, food testing should be performed, but this may be a long and difficult process.

The dog will be given a food that contains a source of protein and a source of fibers and you will have to monitor your pet for any allergic reactions. At this point, the dog should only receive home made foods or a specially formulated diet food, which may be wet or dry.

If the dog is allergic to any of the 2 ingredients, the allergies will only show 1 to 2 weeks after the diet has been started. If the dog is not allergic to these ingredients, he may receive an additional ingredient. The dog may receive a new ingredient once every 2 weeks, provided he doesn’t develop allergies to the newly introduced ingredient. If an allergic reaction occurs, it will be easy to identify the allergen, this being the last ingredient introduced in the dog’s diet.

Dry Dog Food for Allergies

The dry dog food may be suitable for dogs with allergies, but it should contain ingredients the dog is not allergic to.

Typically, vets will not recommend commercial dry dog food for dogs with allergies, due to the fact that these foods contain a lot of artificial ingredients that may cause allergies in dogs. If no food is found to cause allergies in your pet, this means that your dog is most likely allergic to the preservatives and the colorants in the commercial foods.

However, if the dry food is formulated for dogs with allergies and contains natural preservatives, these foods may be fed to your dog.

Talk to your vet to determine what foods are the most suitable in your dog’s case.