Dog Teeth Cleaning Blunders To Avoid

For best results, perform dog teeth cleaning on a regular basis. Try and ease your dog into this ritual so he's comfortable with the smell, touch and routine of dental cleaning. Ideally, it's best to start this process when your dog is a puppy. Put Your Dog at Ease Get your pet used to being touched in his mouth area before you actually begin brushing. Gently massage his jaw and then rub his teeth and gums. Avoid brushing your dog's teeth when he is excited, such as before his daily walk. Canine Toothpaste Toothpaste for dogs comes in poultry and beef flavorings, making the experience a pleasing one for your pet. Before brushing, let your dog taste the toothpaste to familiarize him with it. Avoid giving human toothpaste to your dog. He is likely to swallow it and possibly have a negative reaction. Proper Tool Selection Dog teeth cleaning techniques vary according to the size and temperament of your pet. It is easier to use a bit of gauze to clean a small dog's teeth than a brush. For a mid- to large-sized dog, a soft bristle toothbrush with an angled handle is most effective.