Duralactin Canine Side Effects

Duralactin canine is a type of a supplement that’s administered to pets suffering from inflammation. It’s particularly helpful for dogs that suffer from inflammation associated with arthritis. Duralactin is also known to prevent tissue damage in the pet’s body. Therefore, it keeps your dog healthy and ensures his overall well being.

What Does Duralactin Consist Of?

Duralactin consists of a protein that’s extracted from the milk of hyper immunized cows. This protein is known as MicroLactin. Apart from this ingredient, Duralactin contains small quantities of dextrose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and other artificial flavors. Since the ingredients slightly differ in the supplements formulated for dogs and cats, it’s important to read and the label and administer products that are specifically manufactured for use in dogs.

The Benefits of Duralactin

Since Duralactin doesn’t cause any long term side effects, it’s preferred over other corticosteroid drugs or non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications. The product doesn’t have any cyclo-oxygenase inhibiting activity and is ideal for dogs suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. Since corticosteroid drugs are contraindicated in some pets, Duralactin serves as a safer alternative. However, some pets do experience a few side effects that are mild or temporary in nature.

Side Effects of Duralactin

Although dog’s aren’t as hyper sensitive to milk products as cat’s are, few pets may show signs like vomiting, diarrhea and symptoms of gastrointestinal intolerance. Even though the tablets are safe for use in dogs of all breeds, it’s important to administer the supplements according to vet instructions and avoid overdosing the pet. An overdose could lead to severe symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders and pets that are overdosed need prompt medical help.

Dosage and Administration

Duralactin should be administered exactly according to vet instructions. As a general guideline, dog’s that weigh less than 40 lbs. should be given half a tablet, 2 times a day. Pets weighing between 40 and 80 lbs. require 1 tablet twice a day while dogs weighing between 81 and 120 lbs. need one and a half tablet, two times a day. Dogs over 102 lbs. should be given 2 tablets daily.

Duralactin Benefits Dogs Suffering From:

Research Studies

Several clinical studies have been conducted to determine the benefits of administering Duralactin to dogs. All research studies have established the fact that dog’s suffering from musculoskeletal disorders show signs of recovery in comparison to pets administered placebo drugs.

Since Duralactin is relatively safe for use in dogs, it’s a highly recommended formula. Moreover, Duralactin canine is available as vanilla flavored tablets that are quite palatable. These tablets don’t need to be mixed with the pet’s food. Since they’re flavored chewable tablets, most dogs aren’t opposed to taking them.


Although Duralactin doesn’t require a prescription, it’s best to conduct a vet check before administering the product to your pet in order to identify the real cause of pain, discomfort or inflammation.

Since no drug interactions have yet been established, the product may also be safe for use along with other prescription drugs.