Signs of Ear Mites in Cats

Cats with ear mites are common and this infection is very unpleasant for your pet, causing discomfort, inflammation and irritation.

Ear mites feed on dead skin cells and ear wax and they prosper in warm, dark and humid places. These are among the reasons why they will be localized in the ears of the cat's body.

Constant Scratching

Ear mites can be felt when these parasites move around and your cat will tend to scratch to react to this discomfort. The constant scratching can cause permanent physical defects and the cat can create wounds that may get infected.

Head Shaking

Your cat will shake his head trying to ease the itchiness. The cat can shake his head so hard that some blood vessels may break and cause a haematoma-a swelling filled with blood that needs to be removed by surgical procedure.

Flattened Ears

Ear mites in cats are also signaled by flattened ears. The ears will be sensitive to touch due to the pain and constant scratching.

Visible Ear Mites

Ear mites are visible if you look inside your cat's ears. You will notice brown deposits which are made up by ear wax and blood. The ear mites are the cream colored dots on top of the ear wax fragments. The ear mites might be in motion.

Unpleasant Odor

Another symptom of ear mites is a specific odor that comes out of the infected cat's ears.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infections frequently accompany the ear mite infection. You will notice a light-colored secretion, a common symptom of yeast infection.

Even if you notice these symptoms, it's always good to get a confirmation of the diagnosis and proper treatment.

The most efficient treatment for feline ear mites is the use of an oily insecticide. This solution will clean the ear canals and you will have to clean out the ear wax deposits on a daily basis. While infected with ear mites, the cat produces more ear wax than usual. Your cat will oppose resistance when you want to clean his ears-because his ears are painful when touched, but you will have to make him cooperate by using reassuring words. Reward your cat with treats after completing the cleaning process.

If your cat suffers from yeast infection, the vet will prescribe some antibiotics too.

If ignored, ear mites can lead to ear canal damage or even deafness.

To prevent the ear mites, you can use a cat ear cleaner on a weekly basis. You can get this ear cleaner from any pet store.