Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Products

Cat litter can be both dangerous for your pet's health and bad for the environment. Many of the most common cat litter brands are made from clay compounds that are mined from protected areas, and some of these compounds may actually be carcinogenic as well. Moreover, many types do not biodegrade readily and can remain in landfills for decades without decomposing. Fortunately, alternatives to standard cat litter products exist. With a little searching, you can find alternate brands of cat litter that are both eco-friendly and safe for pet use.

Recycled Newspaper

Although you may not wish to create your own cat litter from recycled newspaper, pre-made products are available in many health food and specialty pet stores. These types of cat litter make use of 100% recycled products, helping to reduce the human production of paper waste. Newspaper-based cat litters are generally highly absorbent and provide an excellent alternative to standard cat litter products. Additionally, they decompose easily and absorb odors well. One of the most popular varieties of newspaper-based cat litter is Yesterday's News.

Sawdust and Reconstituted Wood

Before sending shipments off to the landfill, some wood manufacturers and lumber yards shred and reconstitute wood products into usable cat litter. These products also serve to help reduce man-made waste and do not utilize dangerous chemicals. Nature's Earth is one of the most common brands of cat litter of this type. These products can be found at health food stores, but may also be available at wood products retailers as well.

Wheat Products

Cat litter products made from wheats of various types are increasingly common. These products are easily broken down in nature and can even be composted. Additionally, they are free of odor and chemicals that could be harmful to your pet. Due to the availability of the ingredients in wheat-based cat litters, these products are often very cheap and may even rival the price of standard cat litters. Swheat Scoop is a leading brand of wheat cat litter, and is known for its clumping ability. Wheat products are advisable for kittens as well, because they're completely safe if ingested.

Pine Products

Feline Pine is a popular product used for cat litter purposes. Formulated from pine chips, it is biodegradable, safe for cat use and retains a fresh and attractive smell. This type of cat litter also clumps easily and is especially simple to clean up and utilize.

If you're in search of an eco-friendly cat litter product, begin by visiting a local pet supply store. If the store does not stock any of these products, ask for recommendations of nearby locations that might carry them, or see if the store has a catalogue that contains the products for ordering. You may also wish to order these cat litter products online if you're unable to find them locally. Be careful that no one in your home has an allergy or adverse reaction to any of those specialty ingredients before purchasing them.