Excessive Dog Jumping Explained

A dog jumping up on his owner is actually expressing dominance. It is not a cute, friendly behavior as it is often mistaken to be. In the dog world, the dominant dog will place his front paws onto a subordinate. So this behavior is actually stating that he is happy to see his owner but that he is also the "top dog".

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping

Teaching your dog that jumping is not acceptable, and training him to jump on command, are the responses necessary to stop a dog from jumping.

Upon entering a room, do not excitedly greet your dog. Instead develop a calm routine by placing your keys, coat, purse, etc. down first and then greeting your dog away from the front door. If your dog tries to jump up, ignore him since dogs, like children, crave attention. Turn away from him so that he does not plant a paw onto you. Yelling or kneeing him in the chest will only excite him further.

Once your dog understands that he is not to jump on you, teach him to sit by rewarding him with praise and/or a treat. Consistency is key. Ignore him when he jumps and reward him when he sits and waits for you. He must understand that he will not get your attention by jumping on you.

Dog Training to Stop Jumping

If the dog is unable to be trained using the techniques above, it may be necessary to acquire a professional trainer.

Sometimes the dog is just bored and needs stimulation by playing with toys or going to the park. It is essential that a dog who is jumping is not rewarded.