Feeding a Cat Raw Meat Safely

Concerns regarding feeding a cat meat that is uncooked are valid. A raw meat diet ensures cats receive high quality protein for optimal skin and muscle tone. For optimal urinary tract health in a cat, wet food is always best.

In the wild, cats eat birds, rodents, fish, snakes and insects. Their bodies thrive on rich proteins and the calcium found inside the bones they eat. Cats do not easily digest grains and vegetables. They require high-protein organic cat food. A raw meat diet best matches their dietary needs.

Raw Meat and Bacteria

Raw meat often carries bacteria like salmonella, E-coli, listeria or trichinosis. Cats' digestive systems do not kill bacteria, as some believe. Cat's love chicken cat food and chicken is known to develop bacteria quickly. Cats do digest food more quickly than people, but bacteria pose health problems. Eating raw meat teeming with bacteria often leads to diarrhea.

Planning a Raw Meat Diet

Feeding a cat meat that is raw requires precautions:

  • Purchase meat from a butcher rather than grocery store refrigerator sections.
  • Sterilize your knives and cutting boards and wash your hands before touching the meat.
  • Add enzyme supplements to each food portion to help with digestion and boost the cat's immune system.
  • Freeze cat-sized portions immediately.
  • Thaw individual cat meat portions in the refrigerator or under cold water.

Studies show that raw meat diets improve cat health. It's the best senior cat food available. By offering a cat meat, you prevent many health problems.