Is Feeding Your Dog Peanut Butter Safe?

Owners may worry about feeding table scrapes to the dog, like peanut butter, but dog food may not provide all the nutrients your animal needs, but peanut butter can provide what's missing. Many kinds of human food are dog poison, causing obesity, kidney failure, even death.

Nutritional Benefits of Peanut Butter

Typical dog food can be well supplemented by adding peanut butter to your dog's diet. Peanut butter is made of Vitamin H and Vitamin E. The first vitamin increases the sheen of your dog's coat, improves the quality of dog skin and the strength of the nails. The second helps your dog's immune system, which protects your dogs from disease.

Variety of Peanut Butter to Choose

Choosing organic, salt and sugar free peanut butter will give your pet the maximum taste and nutritional benefit possible, while at the same time, preventing toxins from pesticides and fat from entering your dog's body.

Ways to Give Your Dog Peanut Butter

There are dozens of peanut butter dog treats on the market that use peanut butter as the main flavoring. Many vets recommend filling a rubber Kong toy with peanut butter for a delicious safe treat.