Feline Amitriptyline Side Effects

Feline amitriptyline is a potent drug that is used to treat feline depression and anxiety. Cats that suffer from anxiety may become nervous or agitated when left alone or in the presence of unfamiliar people or animals. Amitriptyline effectively reduces this anxiousness and helps your cat to regain a normal composure.

Amitriptyline Side Effects for Cats

Amitriptyline does have a set of side effects, however, some of which may be very serious. Most commonly, it leads to issues having to do with water retention, including bloating and dry mouth. It may also affect the heartbeat by causing unusual arrhythmias. Some cats taking Amitriptyline also experience lethargy or drowsiness.

Amitriptyline can interact negatively with a variety of other medicines in your pet's system, and cats that have liver or kidney damage should not take the drug. If your cat ingests too much amitriptyline at one time, he may suffer dramatic and life-threatening damage to his heart. For this reason, it is crucial that you follow your veterinarian's instructions for dosage and administration of the drug as closely as possible. If it appears that your cat is suffering from any adverse reactions to amitriptyline, consult a veterinarian immediately.