Feline Antibiotics

Feline antibiotics can be used to treat any type of infection or illness which is bacterial in origin. As antibiotics can only be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian, they are not medications which can be purchased over the counter. The price for feline antibiotics ranges based on where it was purchased from, how strong the dosage is and the base line price for each type of medication. Here are some of the more commonly prescribed feline antibiotics.

Clavamox by Pfizer

Clavamox is a feline antibiotic which is manufactured and marketed by the big pharmaceutical company known as Pfizer. It is used and known to be very effective in the treatment of all infections which are bacterial in nature. The main antibiotic ingredient in Clavamox is amoxicillin, which is a semi-synthetic form of penicillin. Clavamox should not be used in cats that have shown an aversion or any type of allergic reaction to penicillin based medications.

Clavamox is mostly administered in tablet format and ranges from 62.5 mg per tablet to 375 mg per tablet. Depending on the type of infection that is present, a smaller or larger dosage may be required. Clavamox is also one of the cheaper antibiotics available for cats. An average two-week treatment can be purchased for about $10.

The important thing to remember when taking Clavamox is that the entire treatment regimen should be given to your cat to avoid a relapse of infection and symptoms.

Orbax by Schering-Plough

Orbax is a feline antibiotic which is manufactured by Schering-Plough. It is used primarily for the treatment of susceptible bacteria, meaning that not all types of bacterial infection can be treated by it. Orbax is typically used in cases of bacterial infections which are more aggressive and require a certain type of antibiotic for effective treatment. Additionally, Orbax works by altering the composition of the DNA of susceptible bacteria, which in turn destroys the bacteria.

Orbax can be given in either 22.7 mg tablets or 68 mg tablets. It's known for being particularly effective at treating urinary infections and is a relatively low cost feline antibiotic medication. If Orbax is not given continuously for the duration of the treatment, the bacteria can begin to grow again and a cat will have a relapse of symptoms.

Antirobe and Antirobe Aquadrops

Antirobe aquadrops are made by several different manufacturers. This type of antibiotic is used most commonly to treat dental infections and severe bone infections that require an antibiotic effective at killing susceptible bacteria. Antirobe can be administered in both pill and liquid form, known as Aquadrops. Pill format can be prescribed in 75 mg and 150 mg tablets, and the liquid format contains 25 mg per milliliter.

The main ingredient in Antirobe is clindamycin, which has been known to cause allergic reactions in some cats. Clindamycin works by actually inhibiting the ability of the bacteria to grow and reproduce, thus killing it off and clearing the infection. This medication is also known to be a fairly cheap antibiotic, costing only around $15 for a two-week schedule of treatment.