Feline Carcinoma Treatment Alternatives to Chemotherapy

Feline carcinoma, associated with feline tumors and feline lymphoma, can be a trying battle for a cat and his owner. Many pet owners want their pet to be comfortable, but do not want their pet to undergo chemotherapy.

Alternatives to Treating Feline Carcinoma

  • Surgery
  • Diet changes
  • Radiation: used to treat a localized disease by concentrating a large amount of radiation to kill cells. Feline tumors may be treated with radiation to help shrink a growth or to kill cancer cells that were found after a tumor was surgically removed.
  • Supplements and herbs: recommended by vets to be combined with homeopathic carcinoma treatment. Supplements that could be recommended include Vitamin B17, arginine (an amino acid), astragalus and other Chinese herbs, bee pollen, bioflavonoid found in foods containing Vitamin C, beta carotene, carnivora (an extract from the Venus Flytrap), una de gato (an herb), chlorella, CoEnzyme Q10, colostrums, Echinacea, essiac, and Vitamins A, D, C, E, and B. There are many more supplements vets may recommend. Talk to him or her about this option.
  • Acupuncture
  • Aroma therapy

There may be many treatment choices if your cat has been diagnosed with feline carcinoma. Review each option with your veterinarian to make an educated decision about the path you will take.