Treating a Feline Ear Infection with Corticosteroids

The ear infection is a common feline infection. The infection may be caused by ear mites, otitis or allergies. The cat ear is sensitive, so an infection will cause a lot of pain and uneasiness. Treating the infection is imperative to avoid further complications.

Symptoms of Cat Ear Infection

The symptoms of an ear infection may vary depending on the type of infection. However, your cat will scratch the area, shake his head and there will be liquid discharges and even blood discharges from the ear canal. You will notice redness in the ears.

Treatment Options

In case of a feline ear infection, the first thing to do is clean the infected area with a saline solution. The treatment options include insecticides, antibiotics, anti fungal ointments or natural remedies.

Corticosteroid Treatment for Feline Infection

The administration of corticosteroids is an effective feline ear infection treatment. The corticosteroids reduce the inflammation and ease the pain. These may be taken as drugs or by treating the affected area with a cream that contains cortisone. This treatment is very efficient when the infection is caused by allergies. Some of the side-effects of the corticosteroid treatment may include lesions of skin. Talk to your vet for the most suitable treatment option.