Is Feline Herpes Virus Contagious to Humans?

The feline herpes virus is the cause of an upper respiratory disease. The virus is not treatable,o sonce the cat gets it he will have feline herpes for life.

Cat Herpes Symptoms

The upper respiratory disease affects the eyes, nose, throat, tonsils and sinuses. The symptoms of the feline herpes include sneezing, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, fever, lack of appetite, dehydration, apathy and pneumonia in some cases. Secondary infections may occur.

Is Feline Herpes Contagious?

Feline herpes is highly contagious among cats.

During the latent phase, the virus is not yet contagious. Sometimes, an infected cat might not show any symptoms but carry and spread the virus. A pregnant cat may transmit the virus to the kittens; however, many pregnant cats will abort the kittens due to the virus.

The cat's disease is not contagious to humans. If you have a cat with herpes, you need to prevent the infection of other cats, but you are not in danger of contacting the virus.