Feline Leukemia Treatment Options

The feline leukemia (FeLV) is a virus that suppresses the cat's immune system. There is no feline leukemia treatment, so the disease is fatal. However, there are methods to prolong the cat's life.

Prevent Secondary Infections

Feline leukemia is transmissible between cats, as the saliva carries the virus. The FeLV causes the immune system to slowly shut down and the cat will be exposed to a lot of viruses and diseases. Cats with FeLV usually die from a secondary infection. So, your priority is to prevent or treat the secondary infections.

Dealing with a Cat with FeLV

The diet of the sick cat is also important. Try to give vitamins and supplements and a lot of wet food. Keep your cat comfortable and avoid contact with other cats: you avoid other infections and prevent the other cats from getting the FeLV virus. This way you can prolong your cat's life and avoid euthanasia. A cat with FeLV can live a few years and even get to their full life expectancy age as long as you keep the secondary infections under control.

The feline leukemia can be prevented by vaccination.