Managing Feline Pain With Metacam

Metacam is an efficient anti-inflammatory medicine and can help relieve feline pain. Initially used to treat arthritis in cats and dogs, Metacam has proven to be a good painkiller.

Cat Diseases and Pain

Cats suffer from different diseases and pain is inevitable. Metacam is prescribed to relive pain in a number of diseases: arthritis, cancer, renal diseases or post-surgery. It can also loosen inflammations. The medicine doesn't contain steroids, so it's recommended for cats that have a steroid intolerance.

Metacam Dosage

Make sure to give your cat the right dosage of Metacam to avoid side-effects and to ensure your cat doesn't build up immunity for the drug. Metacam is only available with prescription and your vet will indicate the right dosage.

Side Effects of Metacam

There can be side-effects to using Metacam. Poisoning, internal bleeding, nose bleeds, lack of appetite and weight loss were conditions related to cats taking Metacam. However, your cat must be kept under medical supervision while taking the medicine and he should be safe.