Feline Prescription Diets

There are many feline prescription diets available, and it may be hard to find the right one to use with your cat. They come with special blends for every need your cat could have. Does your cat have a kidney problem? There's a prescription diet for that. How about stomach problems? There's a diet for that, too. What about a weight problem? There’s a prescription diet for that as well. Some cats have different nutritional needs than the average cat.

Weak Kidney Diets

Prescription diets may be the key in proper health for cats that have weak kidneys. Sometimes all you need to do is change to a specialized prescription diet to add many happy years to your cat's life. When a cat has a kidney disease he can sometimes produce much more waste than normal because of poor digestion. A prescription diet can reduce the amount of nutrients that are lost and decrease the waste, making more of the food's nutrition available to your cat's body.

Sensitive Stomach Diets

Prescription diets for cats with sensitive stomachs are also readily available. These special blends usually contain highly digestible foods such as egg protein, rice and oats to help with digestion. Several companies make sensitive stomach cat food including:

  • Eukanuba Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Blend
  • Royal Canin Special 33 Feline Nutrition
  • Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Senior
  • Pro PlanExtra Care Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formula for Cats

Weight Loss Diets

Owners of overweight cats can also find reprieve through a special diet by using prescription diets that specialize in feline weight loss. Your cat can feel uncomfortable with his weight. Carrying around the extra weight can be taxing and drain away energy that could be used for playing instead. Overweight cats tend to have shorter life expectancies than cats that are a normal weight, so putting your cat on a slimming diet could also give the two of you more time together. Obesity in cats can lead to heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Special diet blends can help shed some of the extra pounds for an obese cat, which can make it more comfortable and happy in the long run.

If you have any concerns about a problem your cat may have that you think might be cured through a change of diet, bring it up with your veterinarian. Chances are, there is a feline prescription diet that will fit your pet's needs. A healthy cat is a happy cat, and many prescription diets can be found in the store where you normally buy your cat food.