Feline Veterinary Diet Formulas

Feline veterinary diet formulas are intended for cats with specific medical conditions which require the maintenance of dietary formulated foods. Because the conditions and ailments that can affect your cat are numerous, both Purina and Royal Canin cat food manufacturers have a line of veterinary formulated foods available for a variety of conditions.

Purina CV

Purina CV is a cat food that is specifically formulated to be a low sodium food while maintaining potassium rich nutrients. In addition to be a digestion-friendly food, it also includes the essential nutrients carnitine and taurine. These nutrients are responsible for keeping the cells in your cat's body healthy. They're also responsible for aiding metabolism in the body and help to reduce fatty deposits from building up around your cat's heart.

This formula is most commonly used in older cats that require more potassium to keep their joints strong and healthy and those that require an easily digestible food. Purina CV is also regularly used in cats with known conditions of the heart.

Purina OM

Purina OM is a dietary food which is made to be low in fat and calories, while providing additional protein to your cat. Protein is a fat burning nutrient and, in conjunction with low levels of fat and calories, can help to keep your cat at a healthy weight level. Additionally, it is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fiber is the nutrient that helps your cat to feel full after eating, and can stop the process of overeating that contributes to obesity.

The Purina OM formula is designed for cats that are overweight or obese. It's formulated to help combat these issues and, by reducing weight gain, can help to keep the bones and joints strong in an older cat.

Royal Canin Dental DD Formula

Royal Canin has created this cat food to help cats with dental conditions and to prevent future dental emergencies from arising. It works by reducing the amount of plaque and tartar build up on your cat's teeth, while also providing a nutritional diet for your cat.

When plaque builds up on the teeth and is not brushed off, it turns into a composition known as calculus. Calculus is a very hard substance which can only be removed by the help of dental scraping. When too much calculus builds up on the teeth, it can penetrate to the root of the teeth and set up infection. Infection of the mouth is extremely dangerous because it is very easy for that type of infection to spread to other parts of the body.

Royal Canin Recovery RS Formula

This is a feline formula which was specifically designed to help cats who are either recovering from surgery or recovering from a major illness. It provides high levels of energy for your cat, so that he can get back on track and begin moving around as he did prior to his illness.

In addition, this formula is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which helps to fight existing stress in the body. This can make it easier for your cat's body to focus on recovery.